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Ukraine’s concern about running out of Western financial resources to help this country in the shadow of West Asian conflicts

While the war in Ukraine continues to be long and expensive, Kiev is worried that the Western allies will exhaust the necessary financial resources to support this country in the course of supporting Israel in the Gaza war.

– International news – Tasnim news agency, “Berliner Zeitung” newspaper wrote in an article: There is no peace solution in Ukraine because neither Russia nor Ukraine has made no significant territorial gains and the war continues to be a long trench war, with huge sums being mobilized every day to die daily. Kiev now fears that its Western allies will run out of financial resources to support the country.

In this regard, the Ukrainian government is likely to take advantage of the fact that the International Monetary Fund agreed on Friday to grant the country a 900 million euro loan. He feels relaxed. After final approval by the IMF Board, the funds are expected to arrive in Ukraine in early December. To date, the International Monetary Fund has provided loans worth $144 billion to Ukraine.

The passage continues: Kyiv needs every cent of this money because it seems The arrival of support from the European Union and the United States of America has been on hold for a long time. The European External Action Service told member states last week that it was unlikely they would be able to deliver the promised one million rounds of artillery ammunition to Ukraine. That target for March 2024 is likely to be missed, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.

U.S. money for military support for Ukraine is also running out, the report continued. Sabrina Singh, deputy spokeswoman for the Pentagon, told reporters on Thursday: “We had to reduce our support for Ukraine.” Other financial packages will be smaller.

Singh asked Congress to approve the Biden administration’s request for $61.4 billion in aid for Ukraine’s fight against Russia. The request is part of a $106 billion package that includes aid to Israel and closing the U.S.-Mexico border.

But Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives do not want to release this money to Ukraine. At a Senate hearing last week, Biden’s foreign policy leaders warned that Washington’s rivals are looking to exploit America’s dysfunction. According to them, Ukraine’s ability to carry out its offensive against Russia may disappear within weeks if the budget is not extended.

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