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Why is Tel Aviv focused on bombing Gaza hospitals?

The Director General of the Center for “Arabic Research and Policy Studies” revealed the main reason for Tel Aviv’s focus on bombing hospitals in the Gaza Strip and its advance to the south during the ground attack.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, the Zionist regime, which in the first days of the war against the Gaza Strip, did not take responsibility for attacking hospitals and safe areas such as UNRWA schools, health centers and mosques, now avoids this issue. It does not exist, and in the shadow of the ineffectiveness of international institutions to stop the killing of Palestinian women and children, it is still targeting Gaza hospitals.

The Zionist regime claims that the Hamas movement has tunnels under these hospitals. It has its own weapons to store, and with this claim, it justifies the killing of women, children and the wounded in hospitals. At the same time, due to the power cut and running out of fuel, a number of hospitals in Gaza are officially out of service. In an interview with “Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed” newspaper, he explained about the current war in the Gaza Strip, which has been 38 days since its beginning today, and said that the Zionist regime is facing more armed resistance in the Gaza Strip and he personally believes that the Israelis They know that they cannot stay in Gaza.

This Arab and Christian thinker, who was once a representative in the Knesset (Parliament of the Zionist regime), explained the main reason for the occupation army’s focus on targeting hospitals in the Gaza Strip: This is mainly It comes down to the fact that Israel is convinced that it is impossible to force the people of Gaza to leave without destroying the hospitals and schools that they use as safe havens.

proof of authenticity This analysis is the statement of the occupying army yesterday (Sunday, November 12), which claimed that it is ready to evacuate children and patients from Shafar, Rantisi and Nasser hospitals in the north of the Gaza Strip, and can use an axis to transport them to the south of Gaza.

However, the occupying army continues to emphasize its alleged reason for targeting hospitals in Gaza, and even on November 5th, after targeting a hospital in Gaza, a video of A pit in the hospital area claimed to be the entrance to the Hamas tunnel. However, the veracity of this claim was soon questioned, and a research team, after examining satellite images and constructions in this hospital over the last eight years, announced that Tel Aviv placed the hospital’s water tank at the entrance of the Hamas tunnel.




“Afikhai Adrei” spokesperson The Arab-speaker of the Israeli army published this video on his page on the social network “X” last November 5 and claimed that the Israeli army succeeded in neutralizing the operation of this tunnel in the “Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani” hospital against its positions and target it.



After the release of this video, the Israeli authorities sent Qatar to They condemned support for Hamas and “terrorism”, which was accompanied by a strong reaction and denial from the tone of Doha.

Tel Aviv’s confusion in the ground attack on Gaza

Bashara pointed to a new issue regarding the ground operations against Gaza and changing the military priorities of the occupying army from focusing on the north and then moving to the south of the Gaza Strip, and said: After what happened on October 7, the Israeli authorities had to They formulated a military plan and then began to adapt the facts to the hastily designed plan. For example, the focus on the north was why they initially decided to start the war in the north, but perhaps today they realize that the leadership of Hamas and the prisoners are in the south, not the north. Maybe this is not the issue and they have a plan to move the people of Gaza from north to south and from there to Sinai. Perhaps this is a reflection of Israel’s confusion in the ground attack, and this possibility is very strong.

This senior political analyst emphasized in another part of this interview that Netanyahu’s cabinet has no plans for “the next day”, that is, the day after defeating Hamas, if it can really reach it. , does not have. At the same time, he predicts that America will give Israel only one month to “perform its mission”.

America’s pressure on Tel Aviv is still not real. They accompany Tel Aviv in the war, that is, to destroy the sovereignty of the Hamas movement and its military power. and they have been able to influence the public discourse of the American government, and Netanyahu now has to answer the American questions about the limits of this war and its future plans”. The existence of official American pressure on Tel Aviv is not yet real and is at the level of advice and consultation, and this pressure will become real when an Arab position that actually affects America is established regarding relations with Israel, security coordination, etc., but This has not happened yet.

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