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Maghreb protesters: End the killing of Palestinian women and children

Moroccan women gathered in front of the parliament in support of the women and children of Gaza and demanded an end to the attacks of the Zionist regime on the Gaza Strip.

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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency

, Maghreb women protested the crimes of the Zionist regime in making Palestinian women and children martyrs in front of the Maghreb Parliament and declared their solidarity with Palestinian women and children.

The participants in this rally chanting slogans asked the Arab and Islamic countries to act as soon as possible and support the citizens of Gaza, especially women, children and the elderly.

According to the report of Anatolia news agency, dozens of women lawyers were present in this protest rally and the participants carried placards condemning the killing of Palestinian women and children and the inability of the international community to end They carried with them giving to the war in Gaza.

Maghrebi women participating in this gathering praised the “patience and resistance” of Gaza women and supported them.

Maghrebi hackers hacked the 14 channel of Zionist television + video

Many cities of Maghreb, including the capital of this country, witnessed demonstrations to declare solidarity with the Palestinian people and the demonstrators demanded an end to the attacks of the Zionist regime. to Gaza, lifting the siege of this area and sending humanitarian aid to Gaza. 1,100 Palestinians have testified, most of them are women and children. More than 28,000 Palestinians were also injured in this aggression.

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