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Demonstration of 10,000 supporters of Palestine in Texas

More than 10,000 pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in front of the Texas State Capitol and demanded a ceasefire during the war between the Zionist regime and Hamas.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, about 10 thousand people from all over the state of Texas in America supported the Palestinian people against the barbaric crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza yesterday during a demonstration. They demanded a ceasefire in front of the state capitol building.

According to an American news site, this is the largest gathering of Palestinian supporters in the state of Texas since the beginning of the war on October 7. It is considered.

During this demonstration, a very large population of different ages and from different religions and ethnicities to protest the ongoing war in Gaza expressed their anger and rage to They staged a show and gave widespread support to the Palestinians during the war.

Protesters demanded a ceasefire and political accountability and accused US President Joe Biden of Kashi and the governor of this state, Greg Abbott, were called Biden’s partner and assistant during the accusation.

Abbott earlier on November 2 to show his support. He traveled from the Zionist regime to the Middle East and met and talked with the Prime Minister of this regime, Benjamin Netanyahu. made Palestine shake, and many of them covered themselves with turbans, which are a symbol of Palestinian resistance. The protesters chanted slogans such as “From Palestine to Texas, the walls must be torn down” and opened a 100-foot-long scroll in which they wrote the names of Gazan children who were martyred during the attacks of the Zionist regime.

During this protest march, a group of doctors, medical students, dentists from San Antonio expressed their disbelief about the massive humanitarian crisis that is happening in Gaza, and from this They expressed their sadness and regret about the fact that the Palestinian medical staff and patients are not safe. It is no longer active in Gaza and has been completely surrounded by the tanks of the Zionist regime.

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