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Afghan media: Chabahar port will turn Afghanistan into the transit route of Central Asia

Enumerating the benefits of Chabahar port for Afghanistan, the Afghan media emphasized that this Iranian ocean port can turn Afghanistan into a transit route of Central Asia.
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According to the regional office of Tasnim News Agency, seeking travel The high-ranking delegation of the Taliban government to Tehran and all-round talks about the expansion of trade relations and the agreement to increase transit cooperation, especially through Chabahar port, Afghan media “Azm News” explained the benefits of this ocean port for Afghanistan.

Azm News wrote: Chabahar port, especially after Pakistan imposed various restrictions on Afghan businessmen and created problems for Afghanistan’s export and import from Karachi port to the countries of the region and the world, mass deportation of Afghan refugees and ignoring the laws The international community has found a special place for Afghanistan.

Afghan media added: It was in such a situation that the high-ranking delegation of Afghanistan to solve the problems of transit, trade and refugees headed by Mullah Berdar He went to Iran to replace the port of Chabahar with the port of Karachi with the aim of reducing dependence on Pakistan. It will also strengthen Afghanistan’s economic, diplomatic and political transit with India, because India is a former rival of Pakistan and is trying to establish trade and economic relations with Afghanistan in a different way apart from Karachi port.

Azm News emphasizes, on the other hand, Chabahar port is an important ocean port for Afghanistan and Central Asian countries, which brings Central Asian countries to open water through Afghanistan, and this issue for Central Asian countries And Afghanistan, which are landlocked, is very important.

The article adds: Economically, Chabahar is about 700 kilometers closer to the capital of Afghanistan compared to the port of Karachi. Proximity is considered essential both in terms of transit costs and for dry fruits that arrive quickly at their destination. Recently, Afghan traders have suffered a lot of losses due to the delay in arrival from Karachi port, most of the fruits are spoiled either because of the distance of the route or because of the deliberate suspension of the Pakistani government. The lack of fruit hinders export and import, and these problems will be solved through Chabahar port. Azam News added: Afghanistan has a commercial transit route through Chabahar port. It turns between Central and South Asia, because Central Asian countries such as Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are Afghanistan’s neighbors, and Afghanistan is a short way to open waters. The country of Afghanistan will have unprecedented economic progress.

This Afghan media also emphasizes that by using Chabahar port, the price of goods in Afghanistan will decrease unprecedentedly because the transit route will be shortened. And the import reaches Afghanistan more easily and quickly.

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