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Tel Aviv issued an order to stop the activities of “Al-Mayadeen” network in occupied Palestine

The Zionist regime, while issuing an order to stop the activities of the “Al-Mayadeen” network in occupied Palestine, confiscated the equipment of this Lebanese network.

According to the report of the international group of Fars news agency, the Security-Political Cabinet of the Zionist regime issued an order at dawn today (Monday) to stop the activities of the “Al-Mayadeen” network in Palestine.

“You Av Gallant” the Minister of War of the Zionist regime and “Shlomo Karai” the Minister of Communications of this regime announced in a joint statement that the reason for issuing this order was to attack “Israel’s security”.

In this statement, it is mentioned that in addition to the closure of all Al-Mayadeen network offices, the equipment of this Lebanese network will be confiscated and Al-Mayadeen will no longer be able to use the communication infrastructure.

Salem Atta Allah, the Deputy Secretary General of the Palestinian Mujahideen Movement, said in response to this decision: “The decision of the Zionist enemy cabinet to ban [the activity] of the al-Mayadeen network and confiscate the equipment of this network in the lands of 1948 Palestine and the West Bank itself is a decisive proof that shows that this network is on the right track. takes a step This action is a sign of pride for this resistance network”. He also pointed out that taking such a decision shows “the extent of failure and inability of the Zionists against the media performance of the resistance” as well as their failure in hiding. The voice and image is the truth.

The Cabinet of the Zionist regime has already taken the decision to shut down and prevent the activities of the Qatari network “Al Jazeera” in the occupied Palestinian territories.

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