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Catastrophic deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Gaza hospitals/ We have no food and no water left

Referring to the enemy’s all-out attacks on hospitals and the lack of fuel and electricity cuts, as well as the exhaustion of all food supplies, the health officials in Gaza announced that the lives of the wounded and sick, especially babies who need special care, are in serious danger.
– International News

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, while the bombing of hospitals and medical centers in Gaza by the occupying regime Zionism continues, the Gaza Ministry of Health announced today, Monday, that 7 patients died in al-Shifa Medical Complex due to lack of oxygen, and the number of patients who died after the service was cut off at Al-Shifa Hospital reached 20. The spokesman of the Gaza Ministry of Health announced in an interview with Al Jazeera that the soldiers of the occupying regime have surrounded al-Shifa hospital from all sides and the next few hours are very dangerous for the 36 premature babies in this hospital.

He pointed out that Bozor al-Shifa medical complex has been completely out of order due to the bombings, fuel cut, equipment, medicine and all basic facilities since a few days ago, he emphasized that it is the third day in a row that we are in this hospital. We don’t have any food.

On the other hand, Al-Mayadeen reporter reported a few hours ago that a large number of wounded were taken to Al-Nasser camp hospital in Khan Yunis and the occupying regime has surrounded this hospital and the lives of 39 premature babies are in danger. Also, the bodies of dozens of martyrs are lying on the ground in front of Al-Nasser Hospital, which cannot be approached due to the continuous bombings.

According to this report, the condition of Al-Nasser Hospital is also catastrophic due to the lack of all facilities, like other hospitals in Gaza. The lives of hundreds of wounded are in serious danger.

In the Quds hospital, the Palestinian Red Crescent reported that enemy army vehicles and tanks have surrounded the hospital from all sides, and the sound of bombings can be heard continuously.

At the same time, “Youssef Abu Al-Rish”, Deputy Health Minister of Gaza, announced the death of 6 premature babies and 9 babies in the intensive care unit due to a power outage in Al-Shifa Hospital.

He also last night. reported the death of 5 premature babies and 6 patients in this hospital, which is the largest medical complex in Gaza and provided the most services to the sick and injured.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned that the lives of 1 million Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip are in serious danger in the shadow of the almost complete collapse of the medical and health sector.

UNICEF, referring to the failure of Al-Nasr and Al-Rentisi hospitals, which were for children, announced that The continuation of attacks on these hospitals threatens the lives of children, especially children who are undergoing dialysis and special care. In addition, thousands of children in the north of Gaza have no safe place to go, and in the shadow of the intensification of attacks and the lack of any facilities for life, they have a catastrophic situation.

The government media office in the Gaza Strip also issued a statement that 22 hospitals and 49 health centers in the Gaza Strip were out of service and the Zionists also destroyed 52 ambulances.

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Complete disconnection of hospitals >

Government media office in the Gaza Strip warned of the dangerous consequences of the occupation’s continued crimes against the civilians of Gaza and the siege of hospitals and the disconnection of hospitals. This means that more than 2.3 million people in the Gaza Strip are unable to establish There will be no communication with rescue and rescue teams, emergency, first aid teams, civil defense, municipalities and all related government and non-government institutions, which means a collective death sentence for all residents of Gaza. It has happened that we consider the Zionist occupation regime and the international community, especially the United States, to be fully responsible for these crimes, which are a clear violation of international laws and the most basic rights stipulated in international charters. It has been 17 years since the occupying regime imposed a harsh and unjust siege on the Gaza Strip, and today it is trying to intensify this siege by deliberately cutting off communications and the Internet in order to monopolize the Gaza Strip and completely isolate it from the outside world.

According to this statement, the barbaric Zionist regime commits the dirtiest crimes, and the disaster of running out of fuel in the Gaza Strip still represents a real, deep and shameful crisis for humanity, because preventing fuel from reaching Gaza means a complete stop to life. has been in this area and the Gaza government has requested hundreds of times for fuel to enter the Gaza Strip; without hearing a single answer.

The state media office of Gaza emphasized that we ask all Arab and Islamic countries, the countries of the free world, especially the International Communication Union and all international organizations, bodies and institutions without exception, to Do your duty and take immediate action to prevent this new humanitarian disaster against Gaza and take serious action for the entry of fuel into Gaza, which is essential for all health, service and vital sectors.

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