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Republican politician: Many Israeli soldiers were killed by internal forces on October 7

The US Republican politician said that many soldiers of the Zionist regime were killed by the regime’s own forces on the 7th of October (the start of the Al-Aqsa storm operation) due to a lack of information and misdiagnosis.

According to the report of the Fars News Agency International Group, “Sam Parker” the Republican politician of the United States said that many Israeli soldiers in the midst of chaos and lack of information and misidentification on the 7th of October (the beginning of the operation Al-Aqsa storm) were killed by this regime’s own forces.

Also, contrary to the American policy regarding the conflict between the Zionist regime and Hamas, he believes that the attacks of this Palestinian resistance group in retaliation for Israel’s attacks are completely in line with its right. In a post on the X social network, Parker announced that Hamas attacked Israel to protect their land from foreign occupation.

According to “Sputnik” news agency, he wrote in this message: Most of the Israelis killed on October 7th were soldiers. Of the rest, many—if not most—were killed by the army itself in crossfire.

He added: And after all this, of the rest (the remaining dead), remember, all are military — a few civilians were armed and Did they shoot back? From a legal and moral point of view, Hamas has the right to carry out operations against its occupiers and military opponents, and apparently this is what Hamas did. Meanwhile, no child has been identified yet.

Hundreds of people were killed in the occupied Palestinian territories following the operations of the resistance forces on the 7th of October. Since the surprise operation of Hamas in the occupied territories, the Zionist regime has bombarded the Gaza Strip non-stop, according to the officials of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, so far more than 11,000 people of Gaza, many of whom were children, have been martyred during the retaliatory attacks of the Zionist regime. .

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