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Return of more than 220 thousand refugees from Pakistan to Afghanistan

The government of Pakistan announced that more than 220,000 people have been returned to Afghanistan since the beginning of the process of expelling Afghan refugees.
– International News

According to the regional office of Tasnim news agency, the government of Pakistan He announced that since the beginning of the process of expelling Afghan refugees, 220,398 people who did not have residency documents have returned to Afghanistan through the “Torkham” and “Chaman” crossings.

Radio The government of Pakistan reported that thousands of undocumented refugees return to their country through these two crossings every day.

According to this media, on Sunday, 3 thousand 43 people returned to their country through 312. Khodro returned to Afghanistan.

This is while the Ministry of Migration of the Taliban government announced the number of refugees returning from Pakistan on Sunday to 5,570.

Not long ago, this ministry announced the return of 200,000 people from Pakistan to Afghanistan.

International organization: Afghanistan does not have the ability to absorb thousands of returning refugees
Afghanistan Ministry of Immigration: Islamabad’s action against Afghan refugees was hasty
Amnesty International: Pakistan to stop detaining and deporting Afghan refugees
Continuation of massive expulsion of refugees from Pakistan; More than 50 thousand families entered Afghanistan through “Torkham” crossing
Kabul: Pakistan’s decision to deport Afghan refugees has a commercial aspect
United Nations : More than 60% of Afghan refugees expelled from Pakistan are children

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