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Hamas: Burrell’s accusations are a representation of reality

The Palestinian resistance movement (Hamas) responded to the claims of Josep Borrell, the European Union’s foreign policy official, saying that Borrell’s accusations are not a representation of reality.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the Palestinian resistance movement (Hamas) this Monday in response to EU foreign policy official Josep Burrell’s claims that the resistance is using hospitals and civilians as human shields, said that these claims are an inverted representation of reality. to increase their crimes against defenseless children and civilians.

Palestinian Resistance Movement stated: We ask Burrell to immediately withdraw his shameful and inhuman statements.

Joseph Burrell The European Union foreign policy official said without condemning the ongoing crimes of the Zionist regime: We are concerned about the condition of Gaza hospitals. The European Union foreign policy official added: We ask Israel to refrain from targeting civilians in attacks.

The thirty-eighth day of Al-Aqsa storm operation has started with continuous attacks of Israeli regime fighters on different areas in the Gaza Strip and a report of the critical condition of the hospitals in this area due to power and fuel cuts, and the spokesman of one of the These hospitals said that the hospitals in the Gaza Strip have a large number of wounded daily, which is beyond the capacity of these hospitals.

The spokesperson of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Gaza described the latest situation of this hospital to the media as critical. He said that this hospital receives a large number of wounded daily, which is beyond its capacity and is not able to handle all of them. The Palestinian Ministry of Health has increased the number of martyrs of the continuous aggression of the Zionist regime to the Gaza Strip to 11 thousand. and reported 100 people, most of them women and children. The situation in the Gaza Strip on supporting Ukraine/ the role of America in global conflicts

Burrell’s acknowledgment of the failure of the conciliation process with Israel

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