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Limitation of the exercises in the Aegean is a new achievement of the Türkiye-Greece meeting

The senior defense officials of Greece and Turkey met on Monday in a rare meeting in Ankara, and one of the achievements was the reduction of the exercises of the two countries in the Aegean Sea.

According to the international group of Fars news agency, in a sign of further warming of the relations between the neighboring countries of Turkey and Greece, a Greek defense delegation on Monday to talk with their counterparts A Turkish man himself visited Ankara to hold a confidence-building meeting.”>Yili Sabah” The Turkish Ministry of Defense hosted a delegation from Greece on Monday for a military confidence-building meeting. This meeting is the fourth meeting of its kind in recent years.

The first time in 2010 in Greece and two other meetings in Turkey and Athens held in the following years. At the last meeting in 2020 in Athens, the parties agreed on a plan for confidence-building measures. A video call between the parties was held in 2021, but tensions in the Aegean Sea apparently led to a delay in the meeting.

According to this report In this meeting, both sides agreed to limit naval exercises. Naval exercises in the Aegean Sea have long been a source of tension between the two countries. It is supposed that the two countries will not hold exercises in the Aegean Sea in the summer and on their national days. Ankara is implementing an ambitious weapons program.

One ​​of these cases is the purchase of fighter jets from America and increasing the defense budget in order to deal with Turkey is in the eastern Mediterranean. Greece says it must defend the islands against a possible Turkish attack, but Turkish officials say continued militarization of the islands could lead to Ankara questioning its ownership. Turkey has repeatedly warned against such actions.

The American think tank “American Enterprise” in an analysis of Turkey’s recent positions towards developments Gaza wrote that Turkey, by aligning itself with Iran, Hezbollah and the Houthis of Yemen, deprives itself of any purchase of weapons in the future. Arms and other goods previously pledged to Turkey could be diverted to more deserving customers, including Israel, Greece, Cyprus, Armenia or even the Syrian Democratic Forces.

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