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International organization: Afghanistan does not have the capacity to absorb thousands of returning refugees

Referring to the situation in Afghanistan and the expulsion of Afghan refugees from Pakistan, the International Rescue Committee emphasized that this country does not have the possibility and ability to absorb thousands of returning refugees.
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According to the regional office of Tasnim news agency, “Nancy “Afghanistan is still facing an economic crisis and does not have the ability to attract thousands of deported families to this country,” Dent, deputy director of the Asia department at the International Rescue Committee, told Reuters.

He added: “Probably this will worsen the situation for Afghanistan as a whole.” It does not have thousands of families who have returned from other countries and this issue will increase the economic problems in Afghanistan. We are facing winter and the conditions are rapidly deteriorating and we are significantly reduced. In this country, he considers sanctions and restrictions on Afghanistan.

Abdul Latif Nazari, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Kabul Governing Body, said: The reason for the economic problems in the country is the imposition of unfair sanctions by countries of the world, but Kabul is trying to reduce poverty and hunger so that Afghanistan becomes self-sufficient.

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