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Considerable position of Türkiye in the world list of crime and criminality

The former prime minister of Turkey is worried about the country’s position in the world list of crime and criminality and fears that the situation will get worse.
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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, according to social scientists And especially experts in political science, sociology and criminologists, poverty and class gap, along with serious deficiencies and problems in the supervision and law sector, can be the most important factors for increasing crime.

Ahmet Davutoğlu, the leader of the Future Party, announced in his speech at the Samsun City Congress: “Turkey is on the 14th place in the world list of organized crime and criminal organizations. This situation is very worrying for us and God forbid, we may soon be ranked 10th. Because we have unprecedented inflation in the country and with the existing poverty and economic crisis, the grounds for increasing crime are increasing day by day.

کشور ترکیه ,

Davutoglu continued and criticized the policy The leader of the Justice and Development Party said: “We are all witnessing that the Minister of Interior, as the chief commander of the police and gendarmerie, has done all he can to fight criminals and the leaders of criminal gangs.” But in many sectors, it is not their opponent. Because many of these terrorizing gangs were related to former Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu, and he had created such a safe margin for them that they could easily commit any crime. Unfortunately, in addition to poverty and economic gap, communication with the Minister of Interior was also one of the most important reasons for the growth of criminal gangs in Turkey, and no one has paid attention to the importance of this issue”.

This is the first time It is not that in the political and media environment of Turkey, Suleiman Soylu is accused of having an organizational relationship with criminals. The mafia was exposed and it got to the point where Erdogan wanted to remove Suleyman Soylu. But Daulat Baghçeli, the leader of the National Movement Party, prevented him and asked Erdogan not to have anything to do with Soylu. Because, according to Baghcheli, Soylu fought terrorists well. But after the election, Erdoğan, contrary to Baghçeli’s wish, introduced an experienced security figure named Ali Yerli Kaya as the Minister of Interior, who has been relentlessly fighting against criminal gangs.

Ahmet Davutoglu, continuing his speech, sharply criticized Erdogan and said about the increase in crime in the country: “Mr. President! Open your eyes and see what a quagmire you have created. In this situation, not only mosquitoes, but also crocodiles and bats have appeared. Now do you understand why I have repeatedly said that morality is important and vital in politics? The continuation of the politician’s political activity without regard to ethics creates an atmosphere in which dozens of criminal gangs and hundreds of organized crime groups operate. They give bribes, seize the country’s economic resources, and easily take people’s lives and loot citizens’ property. The result of the activity of such gangs, both inside and outside, is discredit and dishonor. This list ranks 14th out of 193 countries in the world, 4th in 14 West Asian countries and 6th in 46 Asian countries.

The relationship between the mafia and the political establishment in Turkey

Davutoğlu disclosed about the relationship between the heads of the mafia networks and the interior minister, which some media , have expressed concern about the relations of Erdogan’s partner Baghçeli government with some other notorious figures. From prison, the leader of the National Movement Party, Baghcheli, will visit the government. One should be afraid of such a thing. Why? This is because there are usually two clear reasons for the relationship between criminals and politicians in Turkey: 1. Physical attack and beating and sometimes assassination of political and organizational people on the order of another politician. 2. Contamination of financial flows of parties with criminal networks.

In 2022, the Turkish media published many photos and images of a person named Sezgin Baran Korkamaz, who made a fortune He had a legend. Even though everyone knew that he was involved in financial crimes, Suleyman Soylu used his jet plane in several trips and took him to meet Erdogan as a successful entrepreneur and economic activist!

However, none of the Turkish courts reacted and the country’s attorney general did not enter the case as the public prosecutor.

Fraud and violence

New statistics show that criminal gangs in Turkey are operating in several areas, but A kind of evolution in their activities has been observed, which is caused by the expansion of the Internet penetration process.

Evidences show that fraud using the capabilities of the Internet and virtual space has become extremely popular in Turkey. Is. In such a way that in 2022, 1000 crimes were recorded every hour, most of which were related to internet and sometimes telephone fraud.

According to the statistics of 2022 announced According to the Turkish Ministry of Justice, 9 million crimes were committed in this country last year, and the biggest increase compared to the previous year was related to fraudsters. In such a way that the statistics of this sector have faced a 41% increase in just one year.

In addition to fraud, forgery, violent crimes leading to murder and injury, drug and human trafficking, in Turkey has experienced a growing trend. In such a way that the theft statistics have reached 812 thousand cases from 641 thousand cases per year.

At the end, it is necessary to point out that in addition to important factors such as poverty and gap Class and the unhealthy relationship of some politicians with criminals, another factor plays a role in increasing crime, which is the inability of the Turkish judicial system to deal with criminals. Because this institution, in the past few years, has faced an unprecedented increase in the number of complaints and cases, and as a result of issues such as the delay of proceedings and the full capacity of prisons, it has practically challenged the ability of the judiciary to deter.

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