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Ramallah: We are against the construction of temporary camps in the south of the Gaza Strip

Ramallah: We are against the construction of temporary camps in the south of the Gaza Strip

The Zionist regime seeks to build camps in the south of the Gaza Strip, but the Palestinian Authority insists that it is against this issue.
According to the report of Fars News Agency, the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority Mohammad Ashtiyeh He emphasized that they are against the construction of temporary camps for displaced people in the south of the Gaza Strip.

Shtieh stated that the Zionist regime has requested the construction of these camps from international organizations, and said: “We want the people to return.” We are the displaced. In the history of Palestine, there is no such thing as temporary, but every temporary is permanent.

He emphasized that the Gaza Strip is a part of the Palestinian lands that was occupied in 1967. He stated: We do not need anyone’s permission to help the people of this region.
This Palestinian official, while proposing the return of the self-governing organizations to Gaza, said: The Prime Minister of Israel is against this issue, but I tell him that this The issue will cause them trouble.

Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the self-governing administration, last Friday, giving the green light to the United States to take over the administration of Gaza, said that Gaza is an inseparable part of the country. It is Palestinian and the self-governing organization is ready to fulfill its responsibility in the West Bank, Quds and Gaza within the framework of a comprehensive political solution.
Ashtiye further expressed his regret for the statements of the countries that talk about the right of the Zionist regime to defend itself. He asked the United Nations and the European Union to send aid to the Gaza Strip through an umbrella. It is women and innocents. Israel uses al-Shafa Hospital as an excuse to dominate Gaza.

At the same time as the Zionist interim regime ignores the international calls to stop the criminal attacks on the Gaza Strip and the killing of the Palestinian people, the International Red Cross He also warned about the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in this region, especially in Al-Shafa Hospital.

“Alena Sinenko”, the representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross, said in this regard: [in Gaza] continue, they are filled with wounded and displaced people; Because people think that hospitals are the only safe place in the region and they go there to take shelter from the bombardment”. Injured people are hospitalized, he emphasized: No excuse can be used to justify bombing hospitals and preventing fuel from entering them. This is just a war crime.

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