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Erdogan’s attempt to extend the deployment of Turkish troops to the Republic of Azerbaijan

On Monday, the President of Turkey submitted a bill to the Parliament of this country regarding the one-year extension of the deployment of Turkish armed forces to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

According to the report of Fars International News Agency, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday submitted a bill to the country’s parliament to extend the deployment of Turkish armed forces to Azerbaijan for one year. Kurds.

According to the news agency “Azernews “, this bill states that the implementation of the measures contained in the tripartite statement signed by the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia in November 2020 continues.

Based on this According to the report, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev recently met with Turkish Defense Minister Yashar Guler in Baku and discussed military cooperation.

In this meeting, the parties mentioned the successful cooperation of the two countries in all fields, including military affairs. Aliyev and Guler appreciated the Azerbaijan-Turkey tactical exercise that was held in different regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Ankara and Baku, especially after the Karabakh war in In 2020, they increased their military cooperation and have held many exercises in the last three years. During the second war between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh, Turkey provided considerable military and intelligence assistance to Baku. Turkey-made drones, including “Birqdar”, which were sent to the Republic of Azerbaijan, played an important role in Baku’s victory over Armenia.

In the plan presented by Erdogan to the parliament This country has appreciated the successful activity of the Turkish armed forces in the joint monitoring center established by Turkey and Russia and that Turkey helps maintain security in the region and build trust between the two countries through its activity in this center.

Recently, the Republic of Azerbaijan has been trying to cooperate with Turkey in the field of building the fifth generation fighter, a case in which analysts have doubts about Turkey’s ability to implement this project. Analysts believe that financial problems can prevent the success of Turkey’s fifth-generation jet development program and that this fighter will probably fly for political purposes without installing important systems.

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