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Day 245 of Al-Aqsa storm Martyrdom of the mayor of Nusirat camp

As the war in Gaza continues and while US officials in Doha are negotiating Joe Biden's ceasefire plan, the Israeli occupation army continues to bombard civilian areas.

– International news

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, 245 days have passed since the war in Gaza, a war that More than 8 months have passed, we still see American bombs and weapons falling on women, children, and innocent civilians, and on the other hand, the Gaza resistance continues to stand against the aggressors and manage the field scene.

In this regard, the Ezzedin Qassam resistance group announced that in a special operation, it managed to penetrate behind the enemy forces and target the headquarters of the Israeli army in Rafah; The occupation army’s operation, in line with the policy of announcing its casualty figures, has admitted to the death of one soldier. The representatives of Egypt continue to discuss Joe Biden’s cease-fire plan, and Yahya Senwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, has emphasized the need for a complete cessation of war as part of the agreement in a message to Egypt and Qatar.

Day 244 of al-Aqsa storm|32 martyrs and dozens injured in the bombing of a school

The most important developments of day 245 of the operation Follow Al-Aqsa storm below:

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04:51- Four martyrs and six wounded in the bombing A house in the center of Gaza

Following the bombing of a house in al-Maghazi camp located in the center of Gaza, 4 members of a family have been martyred and 6 others have been injured.

02:10- Yahya Sinwar’s message to Egypt and Qatar: We will never give up our weapons

The Wall Street Journal wrote in a report that Yahya al-Sanwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, said in a message to Arab mediators is willing to accept a ceasefire only if the war is completely and finally stopped

He said in a message he sent to Egypt and Qatar on Thursday: “We will never lay down our weapons and an agreement that includes this issue We will not sign it”

01:52- The martyrdom of the mayor of Nusirat camp in the Israeli air attack

Following the bombing of the municipal building of Nusirat camp in the center of Gaza, ” Ayad al-Maghazi, the mayor of this camp, along with 4 members of his family were martyred. Continuing the precise attacks of the Islamic resistance of Lebanon against the positions of the occupying army, Hezbollah of Lebanon announced this morning of an artillery attack on the gathering of Israeli soldiers in the “Zareit” barracks, killing and wounding a number of them.

00: 30-Rebellion of the Israeli soldiers on the northern front

Israeli media reports about the rebellion of the soldiers of this regime on the Lebanese front; As Israeli soldiers have asked to leave their positions for fear of their lives against Hezbollah attacks.

00:05-70 martyrs in Gaza in the past day

source A hospital in Gaza told Al Jazeera that 70 people were martyred in the attacks of the occupying army in different areas of this region during the past day.



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