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Israel’s opposition to the resolution supported by the United States in the Security Council

Israel's ambassador to the United Nations says that he informed his American counterpart that Tel Aviv is against the resolution that the United States is promoting in the Security Council.

According to Mehr News Agency, The Times of Israel, quoting an official of the regime, wrote that the reason Tel Aviv opposes this resolution is that the updated version of the document says that the prisoner exchange agreement will lead to a “ceasefire”, while the original version says “cessation of hostilities”. It was used which has a more temporary nature.

Another reason for Israel’s opposition is that the updated document states that the new prisoner exchange plan is “acceptable to Israel.”

The representative of Israel in the United Nations has also opposed the inclusion of three stages of prisoner exchange in the new document.

Finally, Israel opposes the clause of this resolution that rejects “any attempt to make demographic or territorial changes in the Gaza Strip”.

Last week, US President Joe Biden claimed that Israel has presented a new comprehensive plan for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Biden said that the first phase of this plan will last 6 weeks and will include a complete ceasefire and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from populated areas of Gaza.

In the next stage, a major plan for the reconstruction of Gaza will be proposed. Biden said he knows that some in Israel, including some in Netanyahu’s cabinet, will oppose the plan.

Hours later, the foreign ministers of Germany and England and the head of the European Union welcomed the new proposal attributed to Israel to establish a ceasefire in Gaza.


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