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The possibility of disbanding the war cabinet of the Israeli regime

As the deadline for the head of the Israeli regime's opposition to resign from the war cabinet is approaching, the Biden government asked him to reconsider his decision; Because if Gantz resigns, Netanyahu will necessarily dissolve the mentioned cabinet.

– International News

According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, the organization Israel’s radio and television announced on Thursday night that if Gantz resigns from the war cabinet, Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of this regime, will probably dissolve the war cabinet.

Network 13 The Zionist TV announced yesterday, Wednesday, that the coalition of the government camp led by Benny Gantz is expected to refuse to accompany Netanyahu’s cabinet if there is no progress in the prisoner exchange negotiations.

The Kan TV channel of the Israeli regime reported an hour ago that the threat of Benny Gantz is serious, and for this reason, the Biden government asked Gantz, the head of the opposition party of the Israeli regime, who is a member of the war cabinet, to reconsider his decision and hold off on resigning for the time being. It is.

In mid-May, Gantz gave a deadline to Netanyahu’s government and announced that if his demands were not met by June 8, he would remove the emergency cabinet formed in October 7, 2023 (October 15, 1402) will not leave.

In this deadline, he taunted Netanyahu and his associates by stating that a small minority will command the ship. and are pushing it towards the rock.

Will the departure of Ben Gantz from the Israeli war cabinet lead to a crisis?
Gantz’s party proposed the dissolution of the Zionist parliament

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