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Attacks on American bases left the Pentagon with a shortage of air defenses

According to Fars News Agency International Group, an American newspaper reported that America is facing a shortage of air defense systems. The Middle East has caused the United States to deploy 6 more Patriot MIM-104 missile systems in the region.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, the deployment of these systems has doubled the total number of these systems in the region. increase, and the Pentagon is now faced with a shortage of these equipments.

The American newspaper wrote that the American decision to move these systems was made in the midst of increasing drone and rocket attacks on American bases in Iraq and Syria. has taken. Washington has attributed these attacks to Iran’s allied groups in these two countries.

A US military official told Reuters on Monday that the country’s bases in northeastern Syria have been attacked at least four times within They were attacked in the last 24 hours.

Pentagon officials said that US forces and the coalition led by this country have targeted Gaza at least 40 times since early October. Iraq and Syria have been attacked.

Resistance groups have announced in statements that these attacks are carried out in response to the relentless support of the United States to the Zionist regime in Gaza.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Washington has deployed a number of other Patriot systems to its military bases in Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. These two countries host dozens of American military bases.

One ​​of the most obvious consequences of the increase in demand for long-range air defense systems is Washington’s decision not to send Patriot systems to the Dubai Air Show, which starts on Monday. It has started.

Pentagon was supposed to display all three main elements of these systems, including a launcher, an interceptor vehicle and a Patriot command station, at this exhibition, but at the end of October announced that these systems have been moved to another location.

The Patriot system normally has eight launchers, although up to 16 launchers may be connected to a radar and command station. The Pentagon has a total of 60 Patriot systems, some of which are deployed around the world from Germany to Guam and South Korea. Washington has allowed some of its allies to purchase these systems.

Two Patriot systems, one of which was supplied by the United States and the other by Germany and the Netherlands, were deployed in Ukraine a few months ago. Germany promised to deliver more of these systems to Ukraine. The capabilities of this US-designed system became the subject of conflicting claims by Ukraine and Russia in May.

The Ukrainian government claimed that these systems were capable of shooting down Russia’s Kinzhal hypersonic missiles. are. Moscow, on the other hand, denied this claim and said that the number of interceptions reported by Kiev exceeded the number of Kinzhal missiles fired by Russian forces.

In the same month, media reports appeared that It shows that one of Ukraine’s Patriot systems has been seriously damaged. American officials at the time claimed that the damage was “minor” and could be repaired by the Ukrainians themselves.

The New York Times reported last month that American engineers were looking for ways to pair American hardware and Ukrainians are in the form of systems known as “FrankenSAm”. This program involves trying to use old radar sites in Kiev to guide Patriot missiles to their targets.

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