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Hebrew media: It is not possible to achieve Israel’s goals in Gaza

According to a Hebrew-language media, the Israeli army cannot achieve its goals in Gaza because the two goals that have been declared are the most contradictory to each other.
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According to the Hebrew group Tasnim News Agency

, Haaretz newspaper wrote in a note written by Amos Hariel, the senior analyst of this media, that it is impossible for Israel to be able to wrest the Gaza Strip from the control of Hamas and deal a devastating blow to its military and organizational capabilities, and at the same time be able to 250 captives.

According to this prominent Zionist media analyst, there is a growing conflict between these two main goals of the war against Gaza. , because the desire of the Israeli army to hit Hamas cannot be reconciled with the efforts made to realize the agreement to release the prisoners.

According to Ha’aretz notes, Hamas has emphasized that the continuation of the war will harm the efforts made to conduct negotiations and emphasizes that in addition to the prisoner exchange operation, it is seeking a cease-fire and the arrival of fuel, which makes Israel’s goals in this war more difficult. .

Hareil, quoting informed sources in the headquarters of the Zionist regime’s army, added: if the war stops, it will be impossible to achieve both goals. Meanwhile, even if there are signs of damage to the structure of the Hamas leader, this does not mean that Hamas is gone.

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