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Washington: Our view on the future of Gaza is different from Netanyahu’s

The spokesperson of the US State Department said in his press conference that this country’s point of view is different from the recent words of the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime about the future of Gaza.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, the spokesperson of the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Monday evening that this country has a difference of opinion with the Zionist regime regarding the future of Gaza.

who spoke at the press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, added: “Netanyahu’s recent statements regarding Israel remaining in Gaza are different from our point of view”.

: “Our view about the future is this, not its occupation, not the migration of its residents, and not the re-control of Hamas.” He added: “Palestinians should not be sent out of Gaza He left, but we are ready for all scenarios.” The weapons of this region agree.” Netanyahu added: “We want the formation of a different civil governance in Gaza after the war to ensure that it teaches children to cooperate with us.”

The Prime Minister of the Zionist regime added: “I tell all those who accuse me of not being responsible that I will answer them after the war”.

Insane bombings of Gaza point by point while the Zionists have always asked the people of this region to go to the south, but there are many cases of targeting the caravans of refugees that were moving towards Rafah.

Two days ago, the fighters of the occupying regime targeted a caravan of refugees on the Salah al-Din road in the center of Gaza, which was moving towards Rafah; The road that the Zionists have introduced as a safe passage for civilians to leave northern Gaza.

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