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Letter from 11 news agencies to Netanyahu and El-Sisi for access to Gaza

The representatives of 11 news agencies have sent a letter to the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime and the President of Egypt, demanding access to Gaza.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, a coalition of 11 news agencies sent a letter to the heads of the Zionist and Egyptian regimes on Monday, demanding access for journalists to the Gaza Strip in order to cover the news of the war.

The letter reads: “As the current crisis enters its sixth week, the need for journalists to document the realities on the ground is greater than ever – especially when so much information They are published unofficially through the virtual space.”

This letter, addressed to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel and Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, was signed by CNN, the state media BBC, the New York Times, the newspaper Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, AFP, CBS News, ABC News, ITV and Sky News.

The heads of this organization have stated in this letter: “While we have been able to see images from inside Gaza and read the narratives, the only reliable reports are those of a group of brave journalists who went to the documentary. They are active there.”

This letter was sent while there are various reports about the targeted attack of the Zionist regime on the media in Palestine.

A few days ago, Danny Danon, the 17th Permanent Representative of Tel Aviv to the United Nations, threatened to kill those journalists who recorded the beginning of Hamas’s “Storm of Al-Aqsa” operation against Israeli positions.

Danon wrote in a threatening message on the social page “X” (former Twitter): “Israel’s internal security organization announced that it will eliminate all participants in the massacre of October 7th (Saturday, October 15th).”

He then told the news photographers who recorded this moment: “The ‘news photographers’ who participated in recording this attack will be added to this list.”

Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas on the 7th of October (15th of October) in response to more than seven decades of occupation of Palestine and nearly two decades of siege of Gaza and imprisonment and torture of thousands of Palestinians started the operation known as “Al-Aqsa Storm” Kurds.

This operation was one of the deadliest attacks against this regime. Hamas fighters penetrated into the occupied territories at several points of the border fences, attacked villages and besides killing a large number of Israelis, captured a number of them.

Zionist regime In response to this operation, it launched heavy attacks against Gaza and placed this area under complete siege. The attacks of the Zionist regime have led to the martyrdom of more than 11 thousand people.



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