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King of Jordan: Occupying parts of the Gaza Strip is an attack on the rights of Palestinians

King Jordan stressed that any idea of ​​occupying parts of the Gaza Strip or creating buffer zones is rejected and makes the situation more critical.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, King Abdullah II of Jordan met with the President of the Senate and the House of Representatives, as well as former prime ministers and a number of politicians of this country, to review the situation. Gaza paid.

Abdullah II said in this meeting that any scenario or idea about occupying parts of Gaza or creating buffer zones will make the situation critical and this is rejected and It is considered an attack on the rights of Palestinians.

He emphasized: “It is not possible for a military or security solution to succeed, and the war must be stopped and a new political process must be started to achieve a Palestinian-Israeli two-state solution.” be”.

According to the report of the Jordanian website “Ammon”, Abdullah II also emphasized the importance of maintaining the territorial integrity of Palestine and said that Gaza should not be separated from the rest of the Palestinian territories.

He said: “Today’s priority is stopping the war against Gaza and providing sufficient aid to this region, and the international community must take immediate action to stop the humanitarian disaster in Gaza.” hit”.
Abdullah II pointed out that the aggression of the Zionist regime in the West Bank and Jerusalem, including the attacks of the settlers, will bring the situation in the region to the point of explosion and the scope of the conflicts will expand.

The King of Jordan also emphasized that this country will remain the main supporter and supporter of its brothers in Palestine and Jordan’s position towards Palestine is firm.

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