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The effort of France and England to train Ukrainians in combat

Media reported on Monday that France and Britain have begun training thousands of Ukrainian soldiers to counter a new wave of Russian military attacks.

According to the Fars News Agency International Group, Ukraine’s Western allies, including France and England, continue training programs that prepare tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers to fight against Russia.

News network website “Euronews” wrote on Monday, Ukrainian troops are undergoing difficult military training at a French military base before being sent to the front line. This intensive four-week program aims to prepare the Ukrainian military for the second winter in defense against Russia. France has pledged to train 7,000 Ukrainian soldiers this year. Britain has also implemented a training program for 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers over the past 17 months, a practice not seen in Britain since World War II.

A senior military official In this regard, France said: “France’s role in these training programs is precisely training in the use of weapons and equipment that are sent to Ukraine, but this is not the whole story.”

Zami of Ukraine said: “Russian forces have started efforts to recapture the territory near “Bakhmut”. The Russians have become more active towards Bakhmut and are trying to regain the previously lost positions.” Russian forces have moved from defensive to active defense near Bakhmut, putting pressure on Ukrainian forces south of the city. According to him, the Russian forces are looking for the weak points of Ukraine’s defense and intensifying artillery attacks on the country’s positions. is that the Russian military command will continue to send people to attack Avdiyoka until the city is completely captured.

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