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The Sukhoi-75 fighter will be launched in 2025

News sources reported on Monday that the Russian-made Sukhoi-75 Checkmate fifth-generation fighter jet equipped with artificial intelligence will be released in 2025.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, news sources reported on Monday that Russia plans to release the first example of the fifth generation fighter “Sukhoi-75 Checkmate” in 2025. .

according to the website report “Ministry of Defense of Ukraine”, “Denis Mantorov”, Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, about the preparation of “Sukho” company, a subsidiary of “Rostec” industrial group, announced the production of this fifth generation fighter.

The Russian manufacturer made this new fighter a simpler and cheaper alternative to the F-35 fighter. America knows. In the export version of this fighter, the manufacturers are supposed to include the possibility of integrating customer-selected components such as radar. The weight of this aircraft will be up to 18 tons and it can achieve a maximum speed of Mach 1.8 to 2. The range of this plane is 2800 km.

The Russians have announced the short take-off and landing of this fighter from the 400-500-meter runway. Some of the weapons, including air missiles, Air is hidden under the body of this fighter to reduce enemy radar visibility. Sukhoi-75 also uses the “Matrovishka” logistics support system equipped with artificial intelligence for repair and recovery.

The multi-purpose vehicle has a large and flexible set of weapons with a carrying capacity of more than 7 tons. Checkmate’s armament complement includes short and medium range air-to-air missiles, the Grom family of air-to-surface missiles, guided bombs, and more. Checkmate can carry up to five air-to-air missiles to maximize its payload potential for missions that do not require stealth.

Earlier, during the Dubai Air Show, it was announced that Russia will start mass production of its new fifth generation single-engine fighters from 2026. Russian officials have previously said that Chekmeet is targeting African markets as well as India and Vietnam.

China Morning Post newspaper The source wrote that the price of this Russian stealth fighter is cheaper than the fifth generation fighter “F-35” made by the United States. India is one of the first customers of Checkmate.

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