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Armenian armed forces exercises with Greece and Cyprus

In an effort to strengthen itself, the Armenian armed forces held a five-day exercise with the Greek and Cypriot military, focusing on the protection of border points.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, at the same time as Armenia is trying to strengthen its armed forces, the media announced on Monday that the country’s military exercises will be held with Greece and Cyprus.

According to news sources citing the Ministry of Defense of Greece, in this special exercise, the forces of Armenia, Greece and Cyprus held a five-day exercise in the area of ​​”Nia Pramos Attica” in Greece. These exercises included direct fire, sniper, small-scale combat and protection of border points. This joint exercise is part of the joint action plan for 2023 between Greece, Cyprus and Armenia.

The Armenian army suffered a heavy defeat from the Azerbaijani army during the Second Karabakh War and For this reason, the authorities of this country have sought to strengthen their forces. Armenia has signed contracts for the purchase of three “Grand Master 200” radar systems, night vision cameras with the French arms department.

This country also signed a contract with France to strengthen its missile defense system. has signed the purchase of “Mistral” short-range missile system. This missile system is special for targeting short-range targets.

Sebastien LeCorneau, Minister of Armed Defense of France, recently said in a conversation with reporters in Paris that Armenia has three radar systems “Master- 200 will be purchased.

Azerbaijan media claimed that France sent its used weapons to Armenia. “Trend News” news agency, citing pictures published on social networks, claimed that used military equipment made in France was sent to Armenia through Georgia. The Republic of Azerbaijan stated on Monday that Baku strongly condemns the action of Paris in sending multi-purpose armored vehicles “Bastion” to Armenia. served to strengthen and promote destructive actions in the region and the military potential of Armenia.

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