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Morawiecki’s attack on the European Union after assuming the mission to form the new Polish government

Mateusz Mowiecki, who has been officially appointed by the President of Poland to form a new government, in his first speech in the new parliament, considered the European Union to be an organization that is managed only by some powerful countries, especially Germany and France.
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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, newspaper ” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote in an article: Mateusz Morawiecki officially resigned from the post of Prime Minister of Poland on Monday. But this 55-year-old politician from the conservative National Law and Justice Party PiS still sees a political future for himself.

He still maintains the appearance that The support of Polish President Andrzej Duda, who is close to PiS, can not only continue in his current position, but also form a new government.

But It is much more likely that Donald Tusk, the former leader of the opposition, will soon take over as the head of government given the new majority after the October 15 election, as Moavitsky will rarely be able to find a coalition partner to win a majority.

From this point of view, the words he delivered on Monday in the first session of the parliament after the elections were logical. Morawiecki first presented a “brief overview of what has been achieved” to the House of Representatives, describing it as a historic achievement that PiS has defined Polish history in its eight years in power. “History of a great nation, but a weak government”. And he called the energy crisis, attacked the European Union. Morawiecki thus ignored the warning of Mark Sawicki, who presided over the first session of parliament, that he should stick to the balance sheet. Rejected the occurrence in the European Union Treaty, according to which more decisions should be taken by qualified majority and the Union should have more powers in some areas. Let’s be honest about what such a qualified majority means: the European Union is run by Germany, France and a few powerful countries that cooperate with them, Morawiecki told MPs.

With his provocative speech against the threat of changing the European treaty, he mocked the three opposition forces who now have a majority of 248 out of 460 in the Sejm and want to form a government without PiS.

He asked the MPs to support the government he wants to form.

However, at least Andrey Duda continues to support the previous prime minister. to give The President announced in the presence of the Islamic Council that he will use his veto right in this case and will monitor the “achievements” of the Law and Justice Party in the last eight years. Duda repeated last night: “This was the best eight years for Poland.

Yesterday, about four weeks after the parliamentary elections in Poland with the victory of the three-party coalition of the opposition, the government The country’s conservative nationalist party, led by Mateusz Morawiecki, officially resigned, and the process of forming a government is moving slowly under the shadow of the president’s decisions.

In the October 15 elections, three parties The opposition, led by Donald Tusk, the former president of the European Council, won an overwhelming majority in the Sejm, the lower house of parliament. Tusk’s liberal-conservative citizens’ coalition together with the conservative Third Way party and the left-wing coalition Loika have 248 seats. There are 460 seats. The three parties have now signed a coalition agreement and announced their readiness to form a future coalition government.

The previous ruling national-conservative party PiS with 194 seats The parliament became the strongest force in the election, but was far from an absolute majority and has no coalition partners.

The coming change of government in Warsaw is also likely to change Poland’s foreign policy. Poland’s Law and Justice party has constantly clashed with Brussels over judicial reforms. Relations with Berlin were also at a low ebb due to World War Reparations claims of €1.3 trillion. But the three opposition parties in this country are in favor of a European path and a more conciliatory policy towards Germany.

Polish Parliament representatives in their first meeting called Szymon Holonia They elected the new speaker of the parliament. This 47-year-old journalist and TV presenter is one of the two leaders of the opposition’s Third Way electoral coalition.

According to the constitution, Morawiski has 14 days to appoint his cabinet in the parliament. vote.

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