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Ramzan Sharif: The presence of American and British advisers in the Gaza war is undeniable

The head of the Intifada and Quds headquarters stated in the extraordinary meeting of “Intifada and Quds headquarters” that the presence of American military advisers and British media advisers in the Gaza war is undeniable.
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According to the report of the international group Tasnim News Agency, “Ramadan Sharif”, the head of the central headquarters of the Intifada and Quds said in the extraordinary meeting of the “Co-thinking of the Intifada and Quds headquarters: the Zionist regime’s attempt to place a hospital as the headquarters of Hamas in the public opinion and after capturing it, announce that we are the headquarters We got Hamas, it’s more like a joke. In the very first days, Hamas announced that international observers and journalists should come to visit Gaza hospitals. And he considers the Muslims of America to be the main responsible for the continuation of the bombings, the non-implementation of the ceasefire and the impossibility of sending relief aid to the people of Gaza, and the presence of American military advisers and British media advisers is undeniable. Today, the commander of Centcom is the main military advisor of the Zionists. Today, British media consultants are responsible for psychological operations in the occupied territories. Nasser Abu Sharif, the representative of Islamic Jihad in Tehran, also said in this meeting about the situation in Gaza: Hospitals in Gaza are out of order due to the brutal strikes of the Zionist regime and the lack of fuel.

He said about the strength of the resistance: “At the military level, the resistance has lost its strength in no way.” has not given and is in charge of affairs. Because of this, the officials of the Zionist regime have withdrawn themselves, fearing that they might spoil their reputation.

He said about the occupation of Palestine: Our problem is not only Gaza and Al-Aqsa storm, but the occupation of Palestine. The leaders of the Zionist regime are moving towards increasing tension, not solving the issue. It is a western project/ America sought to support the Zionist regime from the first day

Bloody clashes in the West Bank/The announcement of a curfew in Tulkarem/The number of Palestinian martyrs reached 7 people

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