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The Washington Post; The possibility of a 5-day ceasefire agreement in Gaza

The Washington Post, citing sources from the Zionist regime’s cabinet, reported that this regime and Hamas have reached an agreement that would allow for the exchange of prisoners and prisoners as well as a temporary ceasefire.

According to Fars News Agency International Group, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius announced today (November 14, 23 Aban) in an article quoting sources from the Zionist regime’s cabinet that this regime and Hamas is close to agreements that would allow the release of most Israeli women and children.

According to these sources, the agreement could be announced within days if the final details are worked out. An Israeli official said: “The general plan has been agreed upon.”

According to “Tass” news agency, citing this report, Tel Aviv demands the release of all 100 women and children captured in the recent operations of the Palestinian resistance forces, but The initial number will probably be lower. According to this report, Hamas had previously announced that it was ready to release 70 women and children. According to the initial agreements, women and children The Israelis will be released in a group at the same time as the Palestinian women and youth who are currently in the prisons of the Zionist regime are released. The official cited by the Washington Post said: This exchange will be accompanied by a temporary ceasefire, probably for five days. reaching a temporary ceasefire agreement that includes the joint release of a group of hostages and prisoners.” According to reports, Hamas has 240 captives, which are Al-Aqsa storm operations have been captured. Netanyahu’s cabinet is under internal pressure to release these people. Thousands of residents of the occupied territories held a demonstration in Tel Aviv on Saturday night, demanding the release of the Zionist prisoners in the Gaza Strip. Israel has called for a pause in the war, humanitarian aid, fuel for hospitals, and the release of women and children from Israeli prisons.

The Saudi network “Al-Arabiya” Saturday claimed that an agreement was reached on the exchange of prisoners between the Palestinian Islamic Resistance (Hamas) and the Zionist regime and explained: “On freedom Women and children captives have been agreed upon by Israel in exchange for the release of 100 women captives from Hamas.

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