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Bagheri: The deadly blow of the resistance has not yet allowed the US and Zionist regime to return to their normal activities

Political Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country, referring to the developments in Palestine, said: The fatal blow of the 15th Mehr resistance has not yet allowed the American and Zionist regime’s planning and policy systems to return to their normal activities.
– International News – Ali Bagheri Keni, the chief negotiator of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attended the students of the Faculty of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the evening of Monday, November 22, and discussed with the students about the latest developments in the field of foreign policy, including the issue of Palestine and the killing of people in Gaza. .

Bagheri, referring to the characteristics of a good diplomat, stated: The art of a professional diplomat is to use all his power and capacity to secure national interests in the foreign arena. However, deviating from this path and trying to use the capacity of foreign policy in domestic political games is a violation of national interests and playing in the direction of realizing the goals of foreigners.

“The passage of time proved Iran’s foresight on the issue of Palestine”

Political Deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasizing that Palestine is one of the important issues of the Republic’s foreign policy Iran is Islamic, he stated: The experience of the past four decades has proven that Iran’s strategic approach to the Palestinian issue is in the direction of national interests, and today, regional and international players are openly and secretly aware of Iran’s tact and foresight in standing by the Palestinian people and confronting the occupiers and aggressors. They admit.

“The claim of incompatibility between the effectiveness of diplomacy and adherence to values ​​is a trick of aliens”

He pointed out that some currents that are not concerned about the revolution and Iran, try to induce incompatibility between the effectiveness of foreign policy and adherence to values, and clarified: diplomacy without regard to principles and values, Movement in a vacuum and mobility is aimless, and by the way, it is adherence to values ​​that determines the right direction of diplomacy.

Bagheri added: Adherence to values ​​is not only no obstacle to mobility and The dynamism of diplomacy and the development of foreign relations did not create and does not, but rather increases the capacity and power of diplomacy and makes its mobility more effective. It is in the world”

Bagheri Kenny stated, pointing out that there are no rules and regulations of international human rights that are immune from the aggression of the aggressor Zionists. : “Palestine is the compass of human rights in the world”, because in the scene of Palestine, one side is the aggressor, the occupier, and the criminal who violates all the principles and rules of human rights, and the other side is the oppressed nation that owns the land of Palestine, whose rights have been violated in all kinds of ways. And despite everything, he is trying to justify his rights.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country pointed out the diverse and numerous capacities of the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and stated: This is the art of Iranian diplomacy. On the one hand, as an inspiration for the resistance movement, as an undeniable regional power at the forefront of the fight against terrorism and against the hegemony of self-righteous powers, and on the other hand, as an active and innovative player in the region and the world, it uses all its political and international capacities to defend the world. It benefits resistance and the realization of its goals.

“Neighborhood policy; “Foresight of Iranian diplomacy”

Bagheri stated, referring to the purposeful movement of Iranian diplomacy to end the killing of people in Palestine and to prevent the bloodthirsty Zionist genocide in Gaza. : Definitely, one of the fields of mobilizing all the capacities of the Islamic world to confront the Zionist aggression in a coherent way is the strategic policy of the government in maximum interaction with the neighbors and countries of the region, which has been operational since two years ago.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country pointed out that whatever the outcome of the unequal war in Gaza, the United States is the definite loser, he stated: the fatal blow of the 15th of Mehr resistance has not yet allowed the planning and policy systems of the United States and the Zionist regime to operate. return to normal, for this reason, they intend to compensate for this historical and strategic failure by killing women and children and destroying the infrastructure of the deprived area of ​​Gaza.

“Sanctioning Zionists, the support of the resistance front against the invaders”

Deputy Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasizing that Islamic countries need to stop crime In Gaza, they should not be satisfied with just declaring a political position, he clarified: by promoting the embargo on Israeli goods and embargoing the export of oil and other basic goods to this regime, the serious determination of the Islamic governments to support human rights and defend the oppressed people of Gaza should be shown.

Bagheri emphasized that the political, economic and commercial sanction of the criminal Zionists is the most obvious expectation of the oppressed people of Gaza and other free nations of the world from the countries interacting with the Zionist regime, especially is an Islamic country, he stated: The demand of the people of Gaza is: “Stop helping the murderers of our children!” The permanent solution is the Palestinian issue”

Political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of our country, pointing out that experience has proven that not only the bloodthirsty Zionists do not give any rights to the Palestinians. It has been proven to everyone, especially the Palestinians, that the two-state trick will not cure any pain of the Palestinian people, even temporarily, he said: a sustainable solution that is in accordance with international rules and regulations, returning to the vote and opinion of the original owners of the Palestinian land who live inside and outside the occupied territories, and anyone who refuses this solution cannot claim human rights and establish peace and security.

Bagheri: The legitimacy of international human rights mechanisms depends on practical action to stop the killing in Gaza
Bagheri: If the war spreads, there will be nothing left of Israel

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