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Mass graves in Gaza hospitals for martyrs/ Martyrdom of 40 wounded in al-Shifa hospital

Referring to the martyrdom of 40 injured people in this hospital due to the lack of facilities, the director of Al-Shifa Medical Complex announced that we are digging mass graves inside the hospital to bury the bodies of the martyrs.
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, in a situation that all the hospitals in the Gaza Strip are in a super critical situation due to continuous bombings and running out of fuel and facilities, Dr. “Mohammed Abu Salmiya”, the director of Al-Shifa Medical Complex, announced today that after the dismemberment of the bodies of the martyrs and the refusal to transfer them out of the hospital We had to bury the bodies inside Al-Shifa Hospital.

He said, the grave we dug to bury the martyrs is small and does not have the capacity for all of them.

The director of Al-Shifa Hospital said about the critical conditions inside the hospital that yesterday we had to perform surgeries without anesthesia and oxygen devices for some emergency cases.

Dr. Abu Salmiya added, 40 injured people died inside the hospital due to the lack of facilities, and Al-Shifa Hospital has become a real graveyard for the sick and injured. Anyone who moves inside the hospital yard or around it will be targeted.

He emphasized, there is great concern about the lives of many children and injured inside the hospital. And we demand the safe transfer of the wounded and sick from the hospital.

Human Rights Watch also announced that we are collecting and investigating Israeli crimes against Gaza’s hospitals and medical infrastructure. We are.

This organization stressed that the Israeli army should not approach hospitals and medical centers. Most of the hospitals in Gaza are out of service due to running out of fuel.

Director of al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza Strip: The Zionist regime is at war with medical centers
The direct war of the occupiers with the hospitals/ The largest medical complex in Gaza is out of order

Office State media in the Gaza Strip also issued a statement on Tuesday, referring to the continuation of the occupation’s crimes against Gaza hospitals, and announced that the false claims made by the spokesperson of the Zionist army about Gaza hospitals are part of the deception of public opinion and psychological warfare against the Palestinian nation, but the Zionists will never succeed. .

By denying the claims of the Zionist regime that the resistance uses hospitals for military purposes, this office emphasized that these lies are part of the campaign of incitement and preparation for the destruction of hospitals against patients. It is the staff of treatment and refugees. The occupying regime is responsible for any stupidity committed against Gaza’s hospitals and health institutions. Zionists published pictures of tunnels in Gaza hospitals and claimed that these are resistance tunnels, but later it became clear that these tunnels are for storing water and fuel for hospitals.

The statement said, the misleading campaigns and the promotion of false narratives indicate that the Zionist army authorities are in crisis and are trying to justify their crimes against the civilians of Gaza in the world arena. The international community must stop this ridiculous show of the occupying regime and stop supporting and giving the green light to the Zionist army to commit more crimes against children, women and civilians and hospitals and health and relief institutions.

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