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We will not stand idly by against America

The President of China announced in his speech that if Washington insists on suppressing technological progress in China, Beijing will not stand idly by.

report Mehr News Agency quoted by Al-Mayadin, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced in his speech that although the signs of stability in the relations between Washington and Beijing have been revealed, there are negative influencing factors in the relations between the two countries. The country is also increasing.

The President of China emphasized: The two sides must respect each other, have a peaceful coexistence, and realize profitable cooperation for both sides.

Ping added: The issue of Taiwan is the first red line that cannot be crossed in the relations between China and America. 2 parties should strengthen dialogues based on mutual respect and wise management of differences.

The President of China continued: We hope that the American side will implement Biden’s positive statement about not supporting the secession of Taiwan.

Ping said: If the United States insists on suppressing China’s technological progress and depriving it of its rights, we will not stand idly by.

In addition to this, the Chinese media announced that Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden have agreed to maintain contacts and strengthen consultation mechanisms between the two countries. .


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