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The dangers of being on the UN blacklist for Tel Aviv

The inclusion of the Zionist regime in the United Nations blacklist in terms of international law poses major risks for this regime, which the Zionist media immediately addressed this issue. 

report Mehr Khabargazari, the news website of the Zionist newspaper Yediot Aharonot, wrote in a report immediately after the publication of the news about the official inclusion of the Zionist regime in the list of child-killing regimes of the United Nations, that the foreign ministry of this regime has prepared possible response strategies. The United Nations is investigating this action.

This newspaper, quoting official sources, wrote that adding Tel Aviv to the UN blacklist is very dangerous and can lead various governments to ban arms sales to the Zionist regime. to force.

Maliha Lodhi Pakistan’s representative in the United Nations also spoke to Al Jazeera about the action of the United Nations He described it as predictable and at the same time very late and stated that the Islamic governments have raised the issue of suspending the membership of the Zionist regime in the United Nations.

He continued: We condemn any country that tries to sell weapons to the Tel Aviv regime, because these weapons are used to kill in Gaza.

The ambassador of the Zionist regime to the United Nations announced that he was informed of the official inclusion of the Israeli army in the blacklist of regimes that kill children.

He added that Antonio Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations, has called for Tel Aviv to be added to the black list of child-killing regimes.

In its brutal attack on Gaza, the Israeli army has killed more than 15 thousand Palestinian children. They make up about 40% of the total number of Palestinian martyrs. According to official statistics, after 8 months of the Gaza war, more than 36 thousand Palestinians have been martyred and 86 thousand others have been injured, and about 70% of Gaza’s civilian infrastructure, including schools, residential houses, and hospitals, have been destroyed.


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