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World Health Organization: Al-Shafa Hospital has been completely destroyed

The spokesperson of the World Health Organization announced the complete destruction of al-Shafa hospital during the operation of the Zionist army.

The 2-week brutality of the Zionist forces in the siege of al-Shafa hospital in Gaza caused heavy casualties and damage to this hospital. Meanwhile, America and Western countries continue to support the Palestinian genocide.

According to Al Jazeera, the World Health Organization announced the complete destruction of al-Shafa Hospital during the Israeli operation.

Accordingly, Margaret Harris, the spokesperson of this institution, announced: The operation of the Israeli army caused the complete destruction of Al-Shafa Hospital. The destruction of this hospital means the destruction of the heart of Gaza’s healthcare system. This hospital was a place where patients turned to receive proper health care; Just like what we expect in our communities.

Primary evidence indicates the genocide of hundreds of people in this hospital and its surrounding area. The Israeli army has admitted to arresting 500 people in this hospital. This is despite the fact that many of the victims of Israel’s operations were civilians who took shelter in Al-Shafa hospital and were executed with their hands tied.

Before the destruction of Al-Shafa Hospital, only 10 hospitals were providing limited services to patients. The Gaza Ministry of Health has issued a statement asking people to go to hospitals only in case of illness or injury, because the medical staff does not have the ability to provide services to other people.

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