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Condemning the killing of aid workers by the United States and Canada

American and Canadian officials condemned the killing of aid workers by the Zionist forces in Gaza.

The killing of 7 international aid workers of the World Central Kitchen Organization in Gaza by the Zionist forces has caused international outrage and worldwide condemnation. Meanwhile, the West has turned a blind eye to the killing of nearly 33,000 Palestinian civilians.

According to Al Jazeera, Jack Lowe, the US ambassador to the occupied territories, said: The killing of these rescuers was a deeply sad event, especially since one of the American citizens was among the dead in this incident. We express our condolences to the families of these victims.

He pointed out: We will continue to publish the research and findings of the Israeli army in this regard, and we demand an independent and urgent investigation to determine how this incident happened. Rescuers must be protected.

The Canadian government also condemned the killing of international aid workers in Gaza and demanded an immediate investigation in this regard.

In the statement published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada, it is stated: We condemn this attack and demand a comprehensive investigation in this field. Canada expects full responsibility for this incident. We will inform the Israeli side about this issue directly.

This statement adds: Attacking aid workers in Gaza is absolutely unacceptable.

This is the sharpest statement that the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has ever published against the Gaza war and the killing of civilians against the Zionist regime.

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