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World Bank: The war in Gaza has caused 18 billion and 500 million dollars of damage to this strip

The new report of the World Bank indicates the destruction of Gaza's infrastructure, which will take years to restore.

Civilian casualties in Gaza have reached 32 thousand 916 dead and 75 thousand 494 wounded during nearly 6 months of war. However, with the aim of destroying Gaza’s infrastructure to prevent the lives of civilians, the Zionist regime has caused extensive financial damage to this strip.

According to Al Jazeera, according to a new report that was recently published by the World Bank and the United Nations, the damage caused to Gaza’s infrastructure is estimated at 18 billion and 500 million dollars.

This report adds: This high volume of damages to Gaza is equivalent to 97 percent of the total gross domestic product of Gaza and the West Bank combined in 2022. The losses in Gaza include all economic sectors.

In the continuation of this report, it is stated: The residential sector in Gaza now includes the largest amount of damage related to the war with 72%. Other areas affected include public infrastructure such as water, sanitation, and education at 19 percent, and commercial and industrial buildings at 9 percent.

This report emphasizes: It is estimated that 26 million tons of debris are now piled up in Gaza due to the destruction of infrastructure, which will take years to remove from the city.

The World Bank adds: Now more than one million people are homeless in Gaza and 75% of the population of this strip are now displaced. 84% of Gaza’s healthcare infrastructure has been destroyed or damaged. The water and sewage system is almost completely destroyed and only provides 5% of the drinking water needed by the people.

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