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The occupying army’s justification for attacking the aid convoy: We made a mistake

The head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the occupying army called the attack on the convoy of the "Global Central Kitchen" charity organization a big mistake in the shadow of the complicated war conditions at night.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, “Herzi Halvi”, the head of the joint staff of the occupying army, attacked The caravan of the charity organization “Global Central Kitchen” was not intentional” and as a result a “big mistake”. He claimed that the Zionist army made a big mistake in identifying the identity of these employees in the shadow of war conditions and at night.

This claim is despite the fact that some officials of the occupying army told Haaretz newspaper that the vehicles of the Central Kitchen Organization were traveling on a route that had been coordinated with the Israeli army before.

7 people of different nationalities died in the Israeli air attack on the employees of this charity organization in Gaza. “The Global Central Kitchen” was intentional because it was done by firing three rockets. He added without revealing his identity: “We have no hope for Israel’s investigation, as happened in the case of the murder of Shirin Abu Aqla, Israel will do everything to maintain the current conditions”.

This American official also said that Israel’s alleged investigation regarding this incident will not be clear and flawless.

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