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Pentagon’s reaction to Israel’s aggression against Iran’s embassy

Pentagon officials once again denied their involvement and knowledge of the recent Zionist attack on Damascus, fearing Iran's reaction.

report Mehr News Agency quoted by Reuters, “Sabrina Singh, Deputy Spokesperson of the US Department of Defense known as the Pentagon in a news conference He himself claimed that the United States had no role in the recent attack by Israel in Damascus and that Israel’s It has not been known to attack the interests of Tehran.

Sabrina Singh In response to a question about increasing concerns about the possible expansion of attacks on American forces in Iraq and Syria after Israel invaded the consulate of the Islamic Republic in Damascus, he claimed that we We are carefully monitoring the situation in the region to make sure that our forces are well protected. > For the attack on Damascus, he claimed that the Israelis had not given us any information about the time of the attack or their target in Damascus.

This claim of the American officials is made while last night during the emergency meeting of the Security Council about the aggression of Israel to Damascus, Syria and against Iran’s diplomatic facilities, many participating countries including Russia, China, Switzerland and Slovenia, the recent aggression of the Zionists against Syria and the Iranian embassy condemned in Damascus.

Swiss representative emphasized in the emergency meeting of the Security Council regarding the attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus that Switzerland categorically condemns the attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, because Such actions have raised the level of tension in the region.

Also, the representative of Russia also called for pressure from the international community on Israel and stressed that Israel’s actions are unacceptable; Because diplomatic delegations must have immunity in all circumstances.

On Monday, the 13th of April 1403, the F-35 fighters belonging to the Israeli Air Force entered the sky of the occupied Golan with six missiles guided by the consulate building and residence. They targeted the Iranian ambassador in Damascus. Despite the intensification of field measures to find the bodies of possible martyrs of this crime, the number of martyrs and 12 wounded people was announced. Among the martyrs of this incident, the name of Sardar Mohammad Zahedi, one of the commanders of IRGC Quds Force; His deputy, Sardar Mohammad Hadi Haji Rahimi, Sardar Hossein Amirullah, the head of General Staff of the IRGC in Syrian affairs and Lebanon and Tenni are some of the Iranian advisers present in Syria.

Daniel Hagari Israeli army spokesman hours after this terrorist act, without mentioning this incident A terrorist appeared in front of the television cameras and announced the drone attack of the Iraqi resistance to the navy of this regime in the city of Eilat! Referring to the approval of the UN Security Council resolution and the international community’s request to the Zionist regime to stop the genocide in the Gaza Strip, some analysts consider the recent attack of the Zionists on Damascus as an attempt by Netanyahu to achieve in front of the public opinion of Israel and the effort to expand the war in the northern front.


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