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Yediot Aharanot: The assassination in Damascus caused the fall in the value of the shekel and the stock market

The value of the Israeli currency decreased by 1 percent compared to yesterday, while the stock market also saw a significant fall.

In a report published today, Yediot Aharanot newspaper announced that the assassination of a high-ranking Iranian official and the threats announced by Iran against Israel caused the stock market and Israeli currency to collapse. Kurdistan, while the drone attack on Eilat and the killing of foreign aid activists in Gaza also had a double impact on this.

According to this Hebrew media, since this morning, the shekel has lost one percent of its value against the dollar and the euro, while a lot of dollars are being injected into the market, the Russian Tel Aviv has started to fall today and with 35 points decrease in Tel Aviv index recorded a decrease of 1.7 percent, while the banks index recorded a decrease of 2.2 tenths.

Yossi Freeman, Managing Director of the risk management and investment company “Frico” told Ynet, the online edition of the Yediot Aharanot newspaper: Concerns about the increase in tension on the Syrian front, along with the existing assessments about the budget deficit of more than 8 percent, these losses for Israel has brought.

Source: Tasnim

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