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Bagheri: The responsibility for tensions in the region lies with the supporters of Israel

Political Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country, Ali Bagheri, in a conversation with the senior Chinese diplomat, said that the responsibility for the escalation of tensions in the region lies with the supporters of the Zionist regime.
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according to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, Deng Li, the regional deputy of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a phone call with Bagheri talked about the recent heinous attack by the Zionist regime on the buildings of the Islamic Republic of Iran embassy in Damascus. called it a gross violation of the Vienna Convention, the United Nations Charter and international law.

Deputy Foreign Minister of China also pointed to the clear positions of Beijing in the extraordinary meeting of the United Nations Security Council the other day, once again resolutely supporting Iran in defense of He emphasized his national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Bagheri’s consultation with the special representative of the Austrian Chancellor

Political Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country also praised the sympathy of the Chinese government and the clear positions of that country in this telephone conversation. , emphasized the need for all countries to deal decisively and responsibly with this terrorist act of the Zionist regime and to hold this regime accountable for violating international laws and conventions.

In this conversation, Bagheri also regretted the continuation of the genocide and the blockade of Gaza by the Zionist regime and reminded that the position of America and some western countries in not condemning the actions of this regime caused Tensions have continued and increased in the region, and today the responsibility for escalating the level of tensions in the region lies with the countries that have increased the range of its insolent behavior with their support of this regime or their silence and companionship.

In this phone call, the two sides exchanged views on bilateral issues and other topics of interest.

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