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The statement of the community of supporters of the freedom of Jerusalem on the occasion of the International Jerusalem Day

The community of supporters of the freedom of Quds Sharif issued a statement on the occasion of the International Quds Day and the recent evils of the Zionist regime.
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, the statement of the community of supporters of the freedom of Quds Sharif is as follows “We gave the Book to Musa and after him we sent successive messengers and gave clear proofs to Isa bin Maryam and confirmed him with the Holy Spirit. Every time a prophet brought you (the Jewish people) a [message or a book] that was not according to your desires, you became arrogant and rejected a group of them and killed a group of them.” (Surah Baqarah, verse 87)

This year, the people of the world are rushing to welcome the World Quds Day, while the children of Judah, these murderers of divine prophets, have turned the honorable land of Palestine and Gaza into a slaughterhouse for its residents and owners. /p>

There is not a day or an hour when the Samaritan calf worshipers do not kill many homeless people and bury stones and iron under the graves. Today, most of the buildings, fields and green gardens of the cities and camps of the Gaza strip have been turned into terrible ruins and mounds of ash by the angry people of God. Also, houses, mosques, hospitals, relief and treatment centers, schools, universities, etc., are destroyed one after the other and razed to the ground. The Samaritans of La’in destroy even the cemeteries and plow the Muslim graves with bulldozers and desecrate the bodies of men and women. Most of the people of this country are massacred. The desecration of the Muslim priests of this region, at the height of the tragedy of genocide and the destruction and field execution of the defenseless people, is another corner of the sad and shocking events in the land of Palestine, and it is visible to the world, especially the Islamic nation.

Destruction of vital infrastructures, destruction of cultural treasures, historical monuments and Islamic heritage of a great and civilized nation with the evil aim of erasing and erasing the ancient identity of Palestine and Palestinians has been among the other crimes committed by the Bani Israel people in Palestine and the Gaza Strip in recent months.


The global Jewish front, from the United States of America to the European Union, especially England, France and Germany, with all its political, economic, military, propaganda and psychological power and resources, has risen to support the barbaric Israeli invaders and He does not fail to support and help this brutal regime. On this side of the world, some anonymous, influential and sometimes Jewish leaders (from Turkey to Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Emirates, Qatar, etc.), at the head of Muslim countries, instead of supporting the cause Palestine and the defense of the oppressed people of Gaza, with complete shamelessness, steal the lead from each other in the way of providing energy, food and weapons of war needed by the invading Jewish terrorists.

In some other Islamic countries, too, The deviant assumptions of the “black elite” and the overturned mental calculations of a number of policy makers and short-sighted decision makers prevent any basic preventive measures against this great tragedy of history. The argument of the aforementioned group is based on the false hypothesis that the use of existing potential facilities and the use of the necessary deterrents against the aggressor and aggressor Israeli regime will lead to the expansion of the geography of war and conflict and will ultimately lead to the strategy of the Jewish occupiers!!

Decision-making based on such mental calculations has made the enemy, during the recent months, more arrogant and emboldened the cruel Israeli attackers, so that they find their hand open for every evil and criminal act. Today, they have no qualms about successively bombing some sensitive places and areas in Syria and even assassinating the advisors of the Islamic Resistance Front in their headquarters and homes and martyring these oppressed warriors, and they arrogantly use it as a sign of their authority on the one hand and The impotence and incapacity of Muslim countries and the humiliation of the Islamic nation are on the rise.

The brutal bombings of the Iranian Consulate General in Syria and the martyrdom of some of our generals, senior advisers, and great commanders, are a sign of the peak of madness and desperation and another example. It is because of the arrogance of the Israeli invaders. All this while the documented historical experiences, as well as the information and assessment of the state of Israeli communities and the residents of the Jewish settlements in occupied Palestine from a psychological and sociological point of view, clearly indicate that they not only have the strength, courage and courage even for a single day. They do not have standing and stability against the front of the believers of Islamic resistance, but the first basic and serious deterrent action will not only cause retreat, but will also cause the collapse of the entire spider structure of the political, social, psychological security system and even the military organization of that corrupt group. America and Europe and their small satellite states and their puppets can do no wrong either.

This is a fact that veterans of the American and Israeli political, intelligence and military fields are well aware of. They know very well that due to the limited, small and fragile strategic depth of the fake Israeli regime, the smallest and smallest action and basic preventive operation will lead to the collapse of the psychological security organization and the social structure of the Jewish community throughout the occupied Palestinian territories, and this itself will cause collapse. It will provide other bases for the control of the invaders and will ring the bell of Israel’s decline.

In other words, all the cruelty, cruelty, killing, genocide and disaster that Israel has done in the public eye for more than six months. The global opinion displayed is not only based on the authority of the brutal Jewish occupiers, but also because of the shortcomings, shortcomings, laxity and inaction caused by the weak recognition and internal evaluation of this enemy.

The question that public opinion in Iran now And the world is busy with this: the truth! What other disaster and crime must the Israeli aggressors commit in order to arouse the human zeal and religious zeal of the policy makers and decision makers of Islamic countries and to use the existing deterrent facilities against the enemy of Don and to stop this invasion and the great genocide of history?

Today, the plea of ​​hundreds of thousands of oppressed children, women, men, old and young, relying on God’s will and providence in Gaza, has echoed on the high roof of existence. Screams that even if it was from a human being, we would still be responsible for it in this world and the hereafter. Now, the daily marches and protests across the continents and the declaration of the world’s hatred and disgust for the criminal people of the Bani Israel and the shouts of “Palestine must be free” and “stop the genocide of the people of Gaza” are a unique and unprecedented international intifada in history.

Hazrat Imam Khomeini, that great sage and great man of contemporary world history, seemed to have seen such days. That sage Farzane warned and announced the danger dozens of years ago that:

This depressed viper (Israel) will not show mercy to your minor or major if it gets its hands on it. (12/1/1362)

“How painful it is for the Muslims of the world in the present age that with all the material and spiritual facilities, in their sight and view, in front of God Almighty and His Messengers, such audacity from a bunch of criminal mobs. And what a shame it is for the Islamic governments, who hold the vital artery of the world’s superpowers, to sit and watch America, the supercriminal of history, introduce a worthless corrupt element in front of them and usurp their holy place of worship and the first Qiblah from them with a small number of people. and show power in front of all of them with complete impudence. And how shameful is the silence in front of this great tragedy of history.” (25/1/1361)

“How long should we neglect firearms and military and divine power instead of confronting the enemies of Islam and to save Quds?” Machine guns based on the faith and power of Islam should be used for the liberation of Quds, and political games, which smell of compromise and pleasing the superpowers, should be abandoned.” (10/5/1360)

“If the governments are afraid, let the nations live and not be afraid. If we all perish, it is better than being humiliated under the hands of Zionism and under the hands of America. (25/8/1360)

Who doesn’t know that God’s unchangeable Sunnah and God’s promise regarding the decline of Israel is over the future history of mankind, and its certain fulfillment as a part of God’s apocalyptic plan, has been foretold in advance. has been Undoubtedly, the warriors and fighters of the Islamic Resistance Front, especially the brave Mujahidin of Palestine and Gaza, honored in this glorious divine test, and the demonized politicians of today’s world, especially in Muslim countries, will face nothing but humiliation and shame in the eyes of the world, a scandal in They will not have history and shame in the divine court.

The non-governmental organization of the community of supporters of the freedom of Quds Sharif invites all Muslims, monotheists and free people, especially the noble and noble nation of Iran, to follow the guidelines of its authority, a human duty. and pay their respects to the Palestinian issue and the evils of the Israeli enemy in Gaza and Syria. Undoubtedly, it is a human and divine duty and commitment that everyone, by attending and participating in the World Al-Quds Day march, while declaring their hatred and disgust for the corrupt and inept Israeli people and its global and regional allies, especially the great devil of deceitful America and The deceitful European Union will display the greatness and authority of the Islamic nation and the free people of the world against the enemies of humanity. Today, we are all obliged to wake up on Quds Day and all these sensitive days, which are the Night of Destiny in the history of Islam. And let us be vigilant and not stop trying to save the Muslim nations, especially the brave and oppressed nation of Palestine, until dawn.” (Hazrat Imam Khamenei, 24/1/1391)

Non-governmental organization, community of supporters of the freedom of Quds Sharif

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