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White House: We do not expect the killing of aid workers to affect the process of Gaza peace negotiations

John Kirby announced that the killing of international aid workers on Monday should not affect the process of the Gaza peace talks.

America, as the largest financial, weapon and political supporter of the Zionist regime, is fully involved in the genocide of Palestinians. One of the creations of the American authorities is to make excuses for each and every one of the 33,000 Palestinians killed by the Zionists, so that Washington blames Hamas for all these tragedies.

According to Al Jazeera, the White House announced today (Wednesday) that the killing of 7 international aid workers in Gaza should not affect the peace talks.
White House National Security Spokesman John Kirby added: “The United States does not expect that the death of these aid workers in Gaza will affect the peace talks between Hamas and Israel and the exchange of Israeli prisoners with Palestinian prisoners.”
Referring to the mediators’ efforts to resolve the differences, he added: “The negotiations regarding the establishment of a ceasefire in Gaza are still ongoing.” We do not expect the events that happened on Monday to affect the process of these negotiations.

Qatar and Egypt are the two main mediators between Hamas and the Zionist regime in peace talks. However, Netanyahu’s right-wing cabinet members are not willing to make the slightest concession in negotiations with Hamas.

Earlier, Internal Security Minister Itmar Ben Gower and Israeli Finance Minister Betsalel Smotrich announced that they would leave the cabinet if Netanyahu, in negotiations with Hamas, releases Palestinian prisoners and stops operations in Gaza. A coalition will leave.

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