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Children of Gaza, a target for Zionist snipers

Doctors in Gaza say that the type and location of the Palestinian children's wounds led them to believe that the victims were directly targeted by the Zionist forces.

The Guardian English newspaper says it has received reports from doctors in Gaza that show that, contrary to the claims of the Israeli army, snipers and drones of this regime are targeting children “directly”.

According to this newspaper, citing the Gaza Ministry of Health, among the 32,000 people who were martyred during the 6-month war in Gaza, more than a third were children. On the other hand, tens of thousands of other children and teenagers have suffered serious injuries, including amputation.

9 doctors have reported their work at the hospital this year to the Guardian. Their joint assessment shows that most of the children killed or injured during the massive bombings in “residential areas” died. These children have been hit by sniper shrapnel or burned in the fire, and in some cases, they have lost their entire families. Some others died due to the collapse of the building or disappeared under the rubble.

Doctors say a steady number of people who come to the hospital are children who have been shot in the head or chest. Some doctors say that the type and location of the wounds, as well as the reports of the people who brought the children to the hospital, led them to believe that the victims were “directly targeted by Israeli forces.”

The people of Gaza also report a terrible development in the war in Gaza. It is said that armed drones of the occupying army are able to fly over the streets and pick people. Some of these drones, called “quadcopters”, are used as remote control snipers and are used to shoot civilians.

تیراندازی به کودک فلسطینی

Medical staff perform CPR on a child who was shot in the head.

The Guardian finally confirmed that according to the reports of eyewitnesses, apart from the war with the resistance fighters, the Zionist soldiers have targeted civilians, including children.

In mid-February, a group of UN experts said in a statement: “We are shocked by reports of the deliberate targeting and unlawful killing of Palestinian women and children in shelters.” Previously, human rights groups had recorded a long history of Zionist snipers shooting at unarmed Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

سوءتغذیه کودکان در غزه

Hunger, another weapon to kill children in Gaza

At the end of March, the United Nations Children’s Agency (UNICEF) announced the number of children who died in Gaza at 13,000 and at the same time said: “Many children in Gaza suffer from severe malnutrition and do not even have the energy to cry.” .

The World Health Organization also announced last Monday that during an aid mission to two hospitals in northern Gaza, it encountered horrific scenes of children dying due to hunger and lack of medicine.

In total, the Gaza Ministry of Health has announced that at least 16 children in northern Gaza have died due to malnutrition. But CNN says the real number could be higher, as the official count only includes children who were hospitalized.

Food shortages in Gaza have reached unprecedented levels. Earlier this week, the Reuters news agency, quoting knowledgeable sources, warned that parts of northern Gaza are suffering from famine and there is a possibility of its spread to the south. This famine, caused by the destruction of food infrastructure (such as bakeries and flour factories) in Gaza, has intensified due to the strict blockade and the prevention of humanitarian aid from entering this area.

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