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The letter of more than 600 English lawyers to stop arms exports to Israel

More than 600 English lawyers and judges wrote to the British government and demanded not to send weapons to the regime that is committing genocide in Gaza.

More than 600 prominent British lawyers signed a letter calling for an end to arms exports to the Zionist regime as a measure to prevent genocide.

According to the Guardian report, three former judges of the Supreme Court of England, including Lady Hill, the former president of the court, are among more than 600 lawyers, academics and retired senior judges who warn that the British government is violating international law by continuing to arm the Zionist regime. does.

The signatories wrote in a letter to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak that the current situation in Gaza is catastrophic and that, given that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has concluded that the grave danger is genocide, Britain is legally obliged to take action to prevent it.

The 17-page letter, which also includes a legal opinion, was sent Wednesday evening and tells Sunak: “We welcome your administration’s stronger calls for an end to the fighting and for humanitarian aid to flow freely into Gaza at the same time.” Continuing to sell weapons and weapons systems to Israel and maintaining threats to suspend British aid to UNRWA falls significantly short of your government’s obligations under international law.

Meanwhile, after seven international aid workers, including three British citizens, were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza on Monday, Conservative MPs put pressure on Rishi Sunak.

Party sources believe that British Foreign Secretary David Cameron is pressuring the government to toughen its approach to the Zionist regime, but has faced resistance from Downing Street (Prime Minister’s Office).

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