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The letter of 80 Islamic organizations to Biden and the request to change the policy towards Gaza

80 Islamic organizations have criticized Biden and want him to change his government's policy towards Gaza.

80 American Islamic organizations criticized Washington’s policy towards Gaza and asked US President Joe Biden to change his administration’s policies.

According to Anatoly’s report, this is despite the fact that these organizations have sent a letter to the American president that the reaction of American Muslims to the policies of the Washington government in Gaza is increasing.

Representatives of Islamic organizations from several countries sent a letter to Biden asking him to stop selling weapons to Israel.

These organizations, including the Palestinians, Arab and other pro-Palestinian organizations, showed that the Zionist regime did not act in accordance with American laws regarding the crisis it created in Gaza and should be held accountable.

The text of this letter also states: The government is trying to dissuade Israel from attacking Rafah through public forums, but in fact it is giving the green light to carry out another ethnic cleansing in this city.

These organizations called for concrete steps to be taken in this regard and said: American people don’t just want a change in words, but they want tangible political changes and the government should provide a better test about Gaza.

A few days ago, representatives of Islamic groups protested against Biden by not attending the breakfast ceremony held in the White House.

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