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The German left party also demanded an arms embargo against Israel

The senior officials of the German Left Party also called for an arms embargo against Israel in view of the crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip, including the attack on an aid convoy that resulted in the death of some workers of an aid organization.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, citing the German newspaper “De Welt”, then From the newly established BSW Sahra Wagenknecht party, the German left party has also demanded an arms embargo against the Zionist regime. According to senior left-wing politicians Martin Shirdvan and Gregor Gysi, this move is aimed at putting pressure on the Israeli government. Sahra Wagenknecht has also accused the West of being indirectly involved in “war crimes” in the Gaza Strip.

In this way, after the killing of aid workers in the Gaza Strip, the left party also demanded to stop the sale of arms to Israel. has been The Wagenknecht Desert Alliance (BSW) also supported the halting of arms exports to Tel Aviv.

Left Party leader Martin Shirdvan and foreign policy of the party, Gregor Gysi, said in a speech on Wednesday that humanitarian organizations and the civilian population They must be protected and sufficient aid must be sent to the Gaza Strip as soon as possible. To do this, Israel must stop its attacks. They emphasized: Since the Zionist regime cannot be influenced by diplomatic requests, “pressure must be created by helping to stop the delivery of arms immediately.” The left wing and head of the BSW also called for an arms embargo against Israel. “The killings in Gaza and Israel’s attacks on neighboring countries must end immediately,” Wagenknecht said on Tuesday. He emphasized: the fact that the workers of international aid organizations who wanted to feed the hungry were targeted by the Israeli army should have consequences. He explained that since the Zionist regime is against everyone If the requests are resisted and violate international humanitarian law, the federal government should respond with an arms embargo. According to him, when international humanitarian aid is organized on the one hand, while on the other hand Western countries give weapons to this regime to continue killing women and children, this is a deeply hypocritical act. He added: This is at least indirect involvement in the war crimes of the Zionist regime.

On Tuesday, seven employees of a relief organization were killed in an airstrike by the Zionist regime. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a video message that Israel is responsible for this airstrike. At the same time, he considered this attack to be a tragic and accidental attack by the armed forces of this regime on innocent people in the Gaza Strip, and at the same time explained to justify his action that such cases happen in war.

Global calls for arms embargo on Israel increase

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