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NATO Secretary General: Europe and America are stronger together

As NATO turns 75, its secretary general says America and Europe are safer and stronger together.

NATO President Jens Stoltenberg asked the US to stick to Europe in the 75th year of NATO’s formation, as this military alliance has reached its 75th year, and the threat of Russia and the specter of Donald Trump’s return are increasing.

According to the TRT report, Stoltenberg said on Thursday at a ceremony at the NATO headquarters in America: I don’t believe in America alone, just as I don’t believe in Europe alone. I believe in America and Europe together in NATO because we are stronger and safer together.

Foreign ministers of 32 NATO countries will hold a ceremony at the organization’s headquarters in Brussels to honor the organization that considers itself the most powerful and successful alliance in history.

Yet amid the cake-cutting and speeches, NATO is grappling with one of its most serious challenges since emerging from the ashes of World War II in 1949 to confront the Soviet Union.

Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday that while we celebrate NATO’s achievements, we do not rest on them. Europe is now facing a war on a scale that we did not even think about.

Since Russia launched its all-out invasion of Ukraine two years ago, NATO has added Finland and Sweden to its ranks, bolstering its forces in Eastern Europe, and alliance members have sent tens of billions worth of weapons. dollars to Ukraine, they have supported Kiev – which is trying to join NATO.

Faced with increasing Russian missile attacks on its infrastructure, Kiev wants its Western backers to send all the Patriot defense systems they can get their hands on, but the West has so far refused to do so.

Meanwhile, Stoltenberg has proposed a five-year fund of 100 billion euros ($108 billion) in an effort to ensure long-term support for Ukraine.

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