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The request of the mother of the English aid worker to stop the war in Gaza

The mother of one of the aid workers killed in Gaza has emphasized that the war must stop.

report Mehr News Agency quoted the Palestine Information Center, the mother of “Jacob Flickinger” one of the British international aid workers who was killed in the Gaza Strip by the Zionist army, in contact with Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken America demanded an immediate stop to the war in Gaza.

In this phone call, he emphasized that Washington should put pressure on the Zionist regime to stop the war and killings in Gaza.

He said that if Washington threatened Israel with the suspension of aid, his child would be alive now.

Previously the United Nations Special Rapporteur on food issues announced that the army Israel is deliberately bombing humanitarian convoys in Gaza despite knowing their route.

According to the UN Special Rapporteur, Israel does not want any aid to reach the needy in Gaza and with This is creating a clear and deliberate famine against the Palestinians.

The UN Special Rapporteur also calls for sanctions on Israel for ignoring the decisions of the International Court of Justice style=”text-align:justify”>international justice and war crimes in Gaza.

Also, the spokesperson of Oxfam has criticized the insufficient American air aid in Gaza and said that dropping American air aid is not the solution to the Gaza crisis, and we demand the opening of the crossings and the delivery of aid to northern Gaza.

Oxfam, which is an international charity organization to fight poverty, also attacks by Zionist forces. He pointed to the relief forces and said that the targeting of aid convoys is a continuous pattern in the behavior of the Israeli army, which exacerbates the food security crisis in Gaza. /p>

According to the spokesperson of Oxfam, the situation in Gaza is catastrophic and the ceasefire is to contain the danger. An urgent famine is necessary, because there is not much time left.

Polls also show that 52 percent of Americans want their government to stop sending weapons to Israel to stop.

This poll, conducted by CEPR, shows that the majority of Americans favor Biden They want him to stop sending arms to Israel immediately.

This request by the Americans is accompanied by an increase in attacks against American targets in the region and especially in the Red Sea.


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