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Hamas statement against Israeli crimes against civilians and hospitals

The Zionist enemy has violated all international laws and treaties that require the protection of civilians and hospitals and has made these hospitals a legitimate target for its failed army.
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency quoting the Palestinian Information Center, the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas emphasized in a statement that in the continuation of the search to find the bodies of the martyrs in Shafa hospital after the retreat of the Zionist occupying forces, wider dimensions of the occupations’ crimes in this hospital will be revealed. In addition to destroying and setting fire to parts of this hospital and taking it out of service completely, the rescue teams found the bodies of hundreds of martyrs in this hospital and its surrounding areas, which the Israeli occupation had buried under the rubble in order to complete their crime against this hospital. hide the hospital and the patients, the refugees and the medical staff inside it.

Hamas added that the Zionist enemy has violated all international laws and treaties that demand the protection of civilians and hospitals, and these hospitals has made it a legitimate target for its defeated army, that these crimes are carried out with the aim of displacing Palestinians through the destruction of all components of life in the Gaza Strip. Hamas emphasized that these unprecedented crimes are carried out by targeting hospitals and Medical and treatment centers, in the end of brutality and committing the most heinous crimes inside them and turning them into mass cemeteries where hundreds of martyred civilians were buried, require the international community and its various institutions to take serious action and bring the fascist leaders of the enemy to justice. They should be held accountable for their crimes and aggressions.

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