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Zelensky visited the battle fronts in Kharkiv

The President of Ukraine, visiting Kharkiv, visited the battle fronts in this region.

The war in Ukraine started on February 24, 2022, after years of neglecting Russia’s national interests and the expansion of NATO to the country’s borders. During the more than 2 years that have passed since the war, nearly 20% of the territory of Ukraine has been lost, and considering the doubts among the western countries to continue supporting Kiev, it is not unlikely that Russia will be able to destroy other parts due to the shift in the balance of power. attach itself.

According to the Reuters news agency, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the battle fronts in the northeast of Kharkiv today (Tuesday) and talked with the military.

During today’s visit, Zelensky visited Kharkiv, which is located 30 kilometers from the Russian border, and its neighboring areas. In this meeting, he claimed that Moscow has launched a campaign that seeks to expel people from the region. However, the president of Ukraine appreciated the perseverance of the residents of these regions against Russian threats.

In this visit, he said: strengthening the battle front in Kharkiv is very vital. Russian terrorists must see that our fortifications in this area have been strengthened. I am very grateful to all those who tried to provide electricity to Kharkiv during the past few days. This helps to further protect against Russian attacks.

In recent weeks, Russia has carried out extensive operations in the Kharkiv region, during which guided missiles were used to destroy the positions of the Ukrainian army. The mayor of Kharkiv announced two bombing operations in the city today. In addition to extensive damage, these attacks also left four injured.

Russia’s late March missile attack on Kharkiv’s infrastructure caused hundreds of thousands of people in this city to continue to suffer from the lack of electricity.

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